Kit 101 Fallas 2018


Fallas 2018 are just around the corner, and as true "Valencianos" as we are, in Citizentral we don't want our visitors to miss the best plans for this awaited festivity. For this reason, we want to present you a Kit of basic knowledge to enjoy a 100% authentic Fallas experience. 

Must eat:
Las Fallas can be considered as the perfect excuse to taste some of the typical dishes of our cuisine.
  • Paella: Considered the star dish par excellence, Paella can be enjoyed  all year round in any traditional restaurant of the city. But it is certain, that during Fallas, Paella acquires special importance. You will be able to find Paella contests around Valencia, as well as the giant paellas for more than 100 people, in which nobody will be left without tasting this exquisite dish.
  • Buñuelos, churros, and hot chocolate: The "Chocolatadas" is a 100% Valencian tradition, and also the best companion on the still cold nights of March. There is no better combination for this hot chocolate than some good churros or the traditional pumpkin buñuelos, yummylicious!
  • "Blanc i Negre": throughout the city, you can find stands with the legendary sandwiches of sausage and blood sausage, made at the moment in the barbeque.

Must see:

  • Lights: The lighting of the streets of Valencia is one of the most characteristic elements during Fallas. There are three Fallas that stand out especially for their lighting and which can not be missed: Falla Sueca-Literato Azorín, Falla Cuba-Puerto Rico and Falla Cuba-Literato Azorín.
  • Fallas "Sección especial": during this time, Valencia is filled with hundreds of monuments (Fallas) throughout the streets and corners of the city. You need to know that these monuments are categorized in different sections. Therefore, if you want to invest your time visiting Fallas, the ones of special section (famous for their magnitude and majesty) should be a must on your list. If you want to know more about this kind of Fallas, check it out here:
  • "Plaza de la Virgen": The patron of Valencia is the "Virgen de los Desamparados". For that reason during Fallas, all the traditional associations pay homage to the Virgin with the offering of flowers, which takes place the 17th and 18th of March.  

The most memorable events:

  • Mascletà: the mascletà is undoubtedly one of the most awaited events for every "Valenciano”. That's why, from March 1st, you can enjoy this great show which takes place every day at 2:00 pm at the main square. 
  • Fireworks: During the nights of Fallas the fireworks illuminate the skies, delighting us with unique mosaics of pyrotechnics. The most special night is without doubt "La Nit del Foc" which takes place on March 18th, just before the day of "La Cremà". 

Must have:

  • Fallas App: If you want more information or just a guidebook during Fallas, have a look to the app "Fallas 2018". Here you can find all the information related to Fallas 2018, such as the events calendar or the location of the Fallas monuments among others.

We hope that this little Kit helps you to enjoy "Las Fallas" like a real local. If you are looking for accommodation during these days, Citizentral is definately the place to be. There is no better choice than Citizentral, located at the heart of the city, to live the Fallas 2018 .